Future METL Applications

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Further Applications of NMETLs and NWTS Processes-- Ready for LEAN SIX SIGMA applications!

The focus is on improving mission performance through defining, measuring, and analyzing task performance. This process helps you visualize mission accomplishment, value every contribution, verify mission progress, and validate the approach. Because it is a continuous process, the NMETL may be refined during the continuous mission analysis phase as assessments direct. Note each phase includes inputs, processes, and outputs and is set up for LEAN-SIX SIGMA applications! This is truly a simplified application of the late Colonel John Boyd’s “O-O-D-A” process!

The “Navy Readiness Enterprise System”

A conceptual “Navy Readiness Enterprise System” (NRES) based on the NWTS process provides a systematic approach to full mission accomplishment and sustained mission readiness that identifies mission-based capability needs in the requirements phase; identifies and codifies prioritized DOTMLPF-P and operating requirements in various planning documents in the planning phase; conducts and evaluates program execution based on METL (cost-effective and efficient) focused metrics in the execution phase; and gathers and analyzes the collective results- including Best Practices and Lessons Learned- of Naval operations, production and training in the assessment phase. DOTMLPF-P enhancements can be developed out of Assessment phase products– all focused on improved mission performance: “Better-cheaper-faster” – Capabilities – maintenance, training, accountability-operations-test and experiments. Every element of the Sea Enterprise can build its specific NMETL to set performance and see and continuously update how its results affects others’ mission accomplishment.

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