6. Refine your "Coup d'oeil"

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6. Refine your “Coup d’oeil.” Comprehend the T2 Mission Rehearsal-Transparency concept as the Commander’s “coup d’oeil” refinement tool.

NMETL advocacy will create better commanders. Clausewitz called the Commander’s “ability to grasp the whole” the “Coup d’oeil.” T2 tries to bring realistic “mission rehearsal” together with the goal of training transparency: “We fight like we train and we train like we fight.” Synthesizing the NMETL and NWTS (O-O-D-A) process into your daily routine will develop your command ability: Planning, executing, assessing, and continuously refining your appreciation of the mission. We will achieve training transparency goals when operations performance and training performance can be set to similar (if not the same!) standards.


And since we- the Commanders- will have learned what to monitor, when and how to adapt, and remain flexible from our training and mission rehearsal efforts, we will be better prepared to perform successfully during actual operations. The comprehensive understanding and application of NMETLs aligns all DOTMLPF-P efforts on producing effective capabilities for mission accomplishment. Additionally, commanders now know- through their inner eye- how to orient to focus on the right things, observe and collect the right data, make timely and accurate decisions, and impose effective solutions; and then follow up by capturing and articulating valuable lessons learned.

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