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What's your mission?
For those who have watched (perhaps in horror) as we took a simple idea and made it so complex that no one understands it (Not even a Caveman can do it!). 
This site is dedicated to turning us back to basics.

METLs are all about Command!

METLs - mission-essential task lists- are a method to state mission performance requirements and tie together concepts for training, capabilities, and improving performance - plus architecture frameworks, lessons learned, and calculating readiness across all of the tools of "DOTMLPF & P."

METLs are about mission accomplishment and building the confidence we can win!
Visit the METL Advocates' BLOG.  Interact to help refine the thinking and explore the universal possibilities.

Take the Seven Steps trip to begin to figure out how METLs and the NWTS process can enable and improve mission achievement in measurable ways.

These threads will help us better lay out the answers to questions such as:

How do we define the "end state" in mission planning?

How do we know we're "winning"?

How do we measure progress and what terms/ parameters are key?

And as you will see, there are burning questions about the systems and programs spawned from the concept of the UJTL.

Ask the Experts!

Let us help you understand how all this fits together.

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